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Facebook Messenger Widget for Website

Looking for the best Facebook Messenger chat solution to enhance your customer interactions? Look no further!
Get started by creating your first
Facebook Messenger widget for free.

Facebook messenger chat

Why Choose the Facebook Messenger Widget by Oscar Chat?

The Facebook Messenger widget is a powerful tool designed to elevate your website's capabilities and communication prowess. Here's why integrating the Facebook messenger widget is a smart move, along with the incredible benefits it brings:

  • Real-time conversations

  • Setup simplified

  • Talk with your customers on their most used platforms 

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"My clients love using Facebook Chat. It's familiar to everyone! Having it on my site is cool!
Alejandra Rojas
Financial Adviser

Effortless Setup with
WhatsApp Widget for Website

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Personalized Support

Seamlessly blend the popular Facebook Messenger platform into your website. By using a chat button or icon, you create a comfy and familiar messaging corner for your website visitors.

Engage with your visitors on a one-on-one basis, providing tailored assistance and addressing their concerns promptly.

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Instant Connection

The Facebook messenger widget facilitates real-time communication between you and your website visitors. With a familiar and user-friendly platform like Facebook Messenger integrated into your site, you bridge the gap between your brand and your audience effortlessly.

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Facebook Messenger
on Your Website

Experience communication in its purest form. Our Facebook Messenger widget seamlessly integrates this beloved messenger onto your site. It's like having a familiar friend ready to chat, making your visitors feel valued and attended to.


Start using Facebook Messenger
Live Chat Widget now!

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