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AI Bot Assistant

Automate conversations with the power of AI, reducing support volumes and increasing customer satisfaction in minutes.  AI-powered chatbot can also assist with selling options seamlessly.

Based on: Chatgpt 4.0 Turbo, Chatgpt 3.5 Turbo,
Mistral 7B (free), Gemini Pro.

All in one rush widget

All In One

Say goodbye to poor customer support with our All-in-One Chat widget. Users will browse your website confidently and can easily contact you through various platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Phone call, Viber, or your custom link. Our tool boosts conversions and enhances customer support. Don't be left behind—embrace live chat!


Display high converting
promos applying.

The ultimate advertising toolkit

Embed targeted popups on your website with Responsive, Easy-to-use, Coding-free Popup.

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"Comprising seasoned marketers with years of industry expertise, we're your trusted partners for boosting conversions and achieving stellar NPS scores. Specializing in widgets that convert to valuable leads, count on us for outstanding results."
Oscar Chat Team

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Whether you're running a business, managing a personal blog, or simply looking to make your website more attractive and effective, we have something for you.

AI Bot Assistant_2x.png

with AI Bot

Friendly with your tech stack

Integrate our powerful Oscar Chat seamlessly onto your website across various platforms with a single, hassle-free line of code.

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